This program is designed for couples who are physically separated due to deployment, assigned (posted) unaccompanied, or traveling continually. Whilst apart Operation Elsewhere supports couples to build a stronger connection and gain a better understanding of  each other. It teaches you the the psychological tools needed to thrive, so you don't just have to 'survive'.  It has been developed specifically for military couples by a psychologist who has a strong focus on supporting military families. The program is delivered discreetly online so you can work on the various topics at their own pace.


Whilst the program is designed for couples to gain a deeper understanding of what is happening in your relationship, it is also made to be fun and motivating. 

In addition to the program, you will also have access to guest speakers, and informative webinars (psychologists, sexologists, spouses etc) in the PE Health Facebook Group. The program is designed to be flexible so if you reunite before completing all modules, no worries, the modules can also be completed whilst together. You can start the program before you separate or whilst you are separated.


The program includes 6 topics:​

  • Mindset

  • Communication

  • Appreciation

  • Identity

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Intimacy: Part 1 & Part 2


Each module includes:

  • In-depth information on the topic

  • Solo Mission (completed by the individual)

  • Team Challenge (completed as a couple)

  • Date Night (fun task together)

  • Think Tank Reflection ebook

  • Worksheets (not in all)

  • Additional Resources

When one of you join, you and your partner will have access to 

  • Operation Elsewhere Program

    • Including solo/team tasks, date night, worksheets and additional resources.

  • Discounts on all events

This program is suitable for couples where one partner is   

  • Deployed

  • Assigned (posted/tasked) unaccompanied 

  • On training

  • Traveling constantly back and forth

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You will have access to the program for 12 months.

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