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PE Programs


Overcome barriers to engagement by tapping into internal motivation.

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Understand its importance and styles that can push others away or bring them closer.


Explore its role in resilient relationships and its connection to neural-pathways.

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Reinforce motivation by reviewing values and life domains. Learn about your partners inner-world.

Newton's Pendulum
Emotional Regulation

Understand the function of emotions, and strategies to recognise and work with them.

Remote Control
Taking Control

Normalise uncomfortable emotions, and exploring tools of acceptance and positive action.

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Neuropsychology of an Argument

Understand flooding and its impact on conflict, along with strategies to manage it.

Creative Design
Creative Solutions

Reduce stress as a team by either problem solving, or understanding and validation.

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Safe, respectful, creative and fun ideas to engage from a distance.

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Mental Health

Explore the signs to look for and developing a support plan for when they arise.

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A Fair Fight

Understand Gottman's 4 Horsemen and responding to repair attempts.

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Understand the different styles and how to work with them in a relationship.


Reality of Reuniting

Understand factors that can affect the reunion and ways to work with them.


Normalise emotions and the importance of 'warming-up' to each other.


Understand the needs of each partner, and how to integrate the away partner back into the home routine.

Mental Wellbeing

Understand mental health signs and symptoms. Reflect on reunification, and if adjustments are required.